About Dr. Laurel

My Journey

On Saturday August 25, 1990, I was headed south from LA to the beach cities and a little piece of heaven to meet an old friend for a night on the town.  We had a typical evening of festivities planned for a couple of 25 year old single females.  Sunday, we woke up miserable and dragging.  Needless to say, we didn’t make it to our beach event of surfing and fun.  Instead, we settled for a hung-over walk on the beach swearing off alcohol.  Disappointed in ourselves and our inability to live up to our potential, we made a pact.  We were going to change our lives instead of partying it away.

Pain, injury, back pain, spinal pain, disc pain or injury, joint pain, arthritis, chiropractic Having returned to LA, I set out to find a structure to support me in my new endeavors.  It took a little self-discovery to believe that complete abstinence was required to be successful.  Once that commitment was made on September 16, 1990, I was on my ride of personal recovery!

The journey of healing my childhood trauma, completing the past, righting my wrongs, passing it on by helping others and completing undergrad had left me high on life!  Having an excellent education and personal experience in healing from complex trauma, I had a successful alternative healing practice.

Then nine and half years into my recovery on May 1, 2000, I had a significant motor vehicle accident and a near death experience.  This left my body damaged, my head injured and my psyche suffering from PTSD.  Years prior having already healed from a dissociative disorder, I was both grateful and enraged.  I was grateful that I had forgotten how hard life was when suffering from disassociation and enraged that I had to deal with it again.  A new level of recovery was required.  Trusting God and nearly frightened to death at the same time, I began my next level of physical and emotional healing.  Like a trooper, I never gave up on complete recovery.   Most people including the medical professionals really do not understand what it takes to recover from a traumatic brain injury.

After restoring my health enough to take on my next endeavor in life, I began chiropractic professional college.  Thinking that this would enable me to perfect my practice and to reach more people with alternative therapies, I completed the grueling training.  After 4 years of high stress, minimal sleep, intense memory demands and self-sacrifice, I found myself in chronic pain, miserable, fat and out of shape.  Here I was a licensed healing professional and sicker than ever.  This is when my personal “black belt” of healing began.  I had to put all of my knowledge to work, along with discipline, and recover again to a healthy, pain free human being.  Now living up to my potential, pain free and enthusiastic, I am offering all my healing gifts to the world!

My Professional Edge

I am a highly trained practitioner with a desire to educate my clients, so they become empowered and able to make good healthy decisions for themselves.  I generate pain resolution, personal accountability and restore health.  I have a breadth for correction in both soft tissue and boney alignment and function.  These corrective applications range from very physical to subtle.  A chiropractic adjustment and a gentle non force positional release are examples of this range.  I will meet the client where they are and match the technique to their unique situation.  I would love for people to learn and always remember, “Health doesn’t cost, it pays!” 



Professional Affiliations 

  • NCMIC Malpractice Insurance Company – Member since December 2009
  • Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) – Member since June 2004:  Certified Member
  • Society of Ortho-Bionomy International (SOBI) – Member since February 2001:  Advanced Practitioner

If you are ready to move forward, please contact us @ (719) 985-0831 or [email protected] or Corrective Forces 2175 Jet Wing Drive Colorado Springs, CO  80916