Nutritional Therapy

Every health issue has a nutritional component.  Good nutrition begins with the diet and food choices, and then it continues with good quality, appropriate supplementation.  Due to a variety of reasons, our typical food sources no longer contain the same nutritious value they once had.  Therefore, we need to supplement our diets in order to heal, properly detoxify, stay healthy and retain optimal nutritional reserves.

thailand_elephant_sunset_238874bI use several high quality professional lines of nutritional supplements in my practice.  Whenever possible the foundation of every protocol is based on the concept of whole food nutrition.  This includes an optimal food plan with whole food supplementation.  Whole food supplements by Standard process are concentrated foods with minimal processing in order to keep the vitality and broad nutritional value intact.  When necessary more specific nutritional needs are met with isolated vitamins, minerals, herbs or phytonutrients.

Whole food nutrition allows the body to heal at a deep level, which enables the cells to detoxify naturally, release misinformation and optimize function.  This healing can generate a profound retracing of the symptoms, clear cellular or body memory and enhance metabolism.  As a result, clients can experience improved digestion, pain reduction, improved immunity, weight loss, restored organ function, tissue repair, wound healing or enhanced vitality and energy.

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