Ortho-Bionomy_125pxOrtho-Bionomy (O-B) is a lovely, gentle, non-force style of bodywork.  O-B often uses comfortable, slightly exaggerated body positioning in order to enhance the self-corrective mechanisms of the body.  When the body is given the opportunity to self-correct, then the body may have lasting corrections that couldn’t be achieved with other modalities.

The application of the principles of self-correction and self-recognition can have lasting and profound effects on the body, soul and psyche of the recipient.  The nervous system tracks, modulates and controls nearly every function in the body.   Self-correction and self-recognition happens within the nervous system; as a result, this work is very deep and restoring.

Due to the gentle yet profound impact, O-B is fantastic for any type of healing, pain relief, restoring function, range of motion or strength and for personal growth, development and evolution.

For further information on Ortho-Bionomy you may visit ortho-bionomy.org

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